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Simply put... it's a chance for local bands to play on a big stage, in front of a lot of people!!! A taste of what it's like for the big acts. We always try to have at least one PRO act there to set an example of professionalism for the rest of the bands to learn from. There are no rules for what kind of music, there is DJ's, Metal bands, Cover Bands, Tribute bands & even solo acoustic acts!! bands come from all over the COUNTRY to show you what they got, gain some new fans, sell some CD's & meet people! After all what fun is being a musician if you can't play in front of a large cheering crowd?

For those of you who have never been to NIKSTOCK it's a good opportunity to meet new people listen to music, party, and camp out for the whole weekend! Many of us have been doing this for nearly 25 years, and for us,  it's more like a family reunion. Our friends come in from all over the country.

What kind of people are we? At first glance, we seem like a crowd of social misfits... but don't be mislead...We're the kind of people who live life to the fullest. We love to be around other people. Work hard... Play VERY HARD!  We're success oriented... Positive thinking... Telling us something can't be done simply appears as a challange... We think outside the box... For example: If the tents are too close to the campfire, instead of moving the tents, we move the campfire WHILE IT'S STILL BURNING!  We make things happen!

Where is NIKSTOCK? We've been all over the Central New York area, and we've extended to the lower part of the NY State as well, and have already included the West Coast into the realm of exposure. Currently, we are back in CNY and are enjoying the facilities at:

(Location to be determined soon)

How do we schedule the bands? Well,  we see who can sell the most tickets & the bands that sell the most get the best time slots. It's good promotion for any band trying to make their mark.

What about refreshments?  Feel free to bring your own food and beverages. We have draft beer available.  In order to comply with state laws, we can no longer give away the beer, so we now have affordable drafts.  YOU MUST BE OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE TO DRINK OR BE SERVED ALCOHOL!... AND SECURITY WILL BE WATCHING!  We have 100 kegs on the truck. That's why everyone calls it a "HUNDRED KEGGER".  There are food & drink vendors on site so if you're not adept at camping & cooking out,  no need to worry. We host this event at camping locations so people don't drink & drive! We promote Responsible Partying!  

What about safety & security?  These guys are used to the scene. They do everything to ensure a safe outing from stopping the occasional fight, to campfire safety, these guys know their stuff & provide security for Central New York's top clubs. if an accident should happen we have paramedics on site to deal with the typical traumas that can arise from having to much fun.

Hope to see you all there!! & remember to be environmentally & safety aware, Don't LITTER & 
No Glass Bottles
(cans are ok) Please recycle !

Thanks: Nick Fuoco, Staff & The Planet Earth